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We value our patients' experience at Naperville Rehab Clinic. If you are currently a patient, please feel free to complete the following Client Experience Questionnaire. The Questionnaire is in Adobe Acrobat format, and requires the free Acrobat Reader to view.

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Dr. Tony Maghsoudi

Patient Testimonials...

In the Spring of 2011 I noticed that I could no longer sit cross legged, so I decided to see a physical therapists.  She prescribed some exercises that immediately made me worse. It seemed the compensation my body had probably been doing for some time was over and now it was really letting me know.

Over the next 2 ½ years I would see two more physical therapists and two different chiropractors on my quest to get better.  I was “diagnosed” with SI joint dysfunction. Each time I would see someone new it would help a little, but it was never the right fit.  I either stopped going, or they stopped seeing me when my insurance coverage ended for the year, or they would recommend I try something else. By the fall of 2013, at 37 years old, I could not run, walk for more than a few minutes, sleep on my side, or pick up my kids without pain.  I was in pain every day. Luckily, a friend referred me to Jordan Holwell with Higher Energy Massage, who was able to help with the pain through her incredible massage techniques. She referred me to Dr. Tony and Leo at Naperville Rehab Clinic.

It took 10 months of going to See Dr. Tony and Leo on a regular basis, but I do not have pain every day anymore. I have stomach muscles again, feel aligned, balanced and can sit at my desk and work without back pain.  When I started seeing them I could not stand on one foot for more than three seconds, now I could do it for minutes.  Leo’s straightening and strengthening on his machines, his physical therapy “boot camp” all combined with Dr. Tony’s loosening of my tight joints made a huge difference. Massages from Jordan really helped too as I had many fascia adhesions that had developed over my 2 + years of pain that needed to be broken up.  Lastly, my dedication and work at home!  I really needed it all to get better. 

If you’re in pain, I would recommend Dr. Tony & Leo at Naperville Rehab 110%! I am so thankful to them for helping me get my life back! Now the kids no longer say, “Mom’s back hurts.” Thank You!  -Marion R.

I cannot say enough good things about Naperville Rehab Clinic. To use the phrase "life changing" would be an understatement, not just for me, but for my family. 

I originally started seeing them for pain in my leg due to a sports injury. Now, four months later, not only is the pain in my leg gone, but I am in the best physical shape of my life. Naperville Rehab has provided caring, knowledgeable and professional guidance on my way to recovery. I feel amazing thanks to Dr. Tony and Leo.

In addition to treating my sports injury, Naperville Rehab also helped alleviate the vertigo I experienced after two car accidents in 2012. I have not had an episode of vertigo in over three months.
Finally, Naperville Rehab has made a huge difference in the life of my 7-year-old daughter, Lily. Lily lives with Dyspraxia, a sensory processing disorder that affects her balance, large motor skills, proprioceptive and vestibular functions. In addition to attention and focus issues, she struggled daily with extreme car sickness. After only a few treatments, her teacher noticed marked improvements in her performance at school, and she has not had a car sickness episode in over a month. This is monumental for my family!

The staff at Naperville Rehab s always accommodating, professional and very attentive to any concerns or issues I may have. Do yourself a favor and give them a visit. You won't regret it!
Debbie Y.

To my friends at Naperville Rehab,

Yesterday I ran in my third half marathon and these were my results. I finished 15 minutes better than my time from last May 2012! I would like to thank Dr. Tony and Leo for helping me out earlier this summer when I was experiencing knee pain, and along the way in my time as a runner. I think the tips and assistance I've received have definitely contributed to my performance (and love of fitness!) - Laura M.

"I am currently a Certified Nurse Assistant, and have been dealing with back/neck pain on and off. I must have aggravated it during my shift this week and it progressively became worse. Dr Tony was able to get me in right away, and I have to admit, I was a little nervous going in since this was my FIRST chiropractor appointment ever! I had to bring my 5 year old son with me and they made him feel right at home, putting on a movie for him to watch while they worked on Mom. Dr Tony immediately was able to tell where I as having problems, he took x-rays of my back and neck and noticed a slight curvature and misalignment. He adjusted me, then Leo massaged my muscles which was wonderful. I left there being able to walk, move my neck and today I was able to get out of bed with very little pain. I can finally function again! I can't wait to see how much better I feel after Mondays appointment. The people at Naperville Rehab Clinic really do wonders. Thank you Dr Tony and Leo!"  -Kim B.

"Dr. Tony is not only an excellent physician, but one who serves with integrity. He listens intently, formulates a care plan, and does whatever it takes to deliver that plan. He works out a schedule that is accommodating and financially doable. He is genuinely concerned about his patients' health and well-being. I cannot say enough about his practice and all those who participate in it. His office is a place of healing and laughter. I would highly recommend him to anyone seeking not only a great physician, but a wonderful person in whom to entrust your future wellness."       -Donna M.

"I feel great. On Sunday December 27, 2009 I experienced the most unrelenting unbearable pain in my left shoulder and upper arm imaginable.  Beyond any pain I had ever experienced.  It was as if a large knife was being repeatedly driven into my left upper arm and shoulder.  I could think of nothing I did physically out of the ordinary to cause this.  I showed up at the above-mentioned office of Tony Maghsoudi with out an appointment early the next day, Monday, December 28.  I returned on Tuesday and again on Wednesday, December 30.  I FEEL GREAT, THREE VISITS, ZERO DISCOMFORT.  Thank you, Tony Maghsoudi, Leo Stillo, and Rita DuFresne.  I cannot promise results this quick, but should you need help, I can confidently recommend you consider the Naperville Rehab Clinic.  P.S. For what it is worth I am 70 yeard old, own my own business and work 6 days a week, because I want to, and now have help staying physically able."        -Alan R.

"Dr Tony, Leo and everyone over at the Naperville Rehab Clinic - Thank You for the two months of rehab and exercise.  I am pain free and stronger today thanks to your help.  I have incorporated the exercises and stretches that you taught me into my exercise regimen.  I was able to finish the Chicago Marathon in 4 hours 50 minutes and 21 seconds, a little slower than what I aiming for but still a personal record.  If  I'm in Naperville I'll be sure to stop by for a quick hello!  Hope everything is well over there and keep up the good work" - Alan L

"The enthusiasm here is so contagious.  It's so good to feel good again."  -Chris A.

"Dr. Tony's Acupuncture treatment has help my knees significantly!  I am grateful for his healing touch."  -Lucie C.

"The exercise class is great!  Challenging but they are great at adapting the exercises to your injuries and/or abilities.  they are creative and motivating."  -Charlene T.

"Naperville Rehab has really helped me.  The exercise class has kept me active in my routine.  They have gone above and beyond to help me get healthier.  When we are exercising, there is plenty of water.  When finished, coffee and a variety of fruit is offered."  -Doris K.

"They are all so friendly and truly care about the patient and their well-being!" -Lindsay W.

"It's always enjoyable to go to Naperville Rehab Clinic.  From the friendly staff, to the awesome massages from Leo and the great bedside manner of Dr Tony.  And we must not forget the relaxing, rolling, vibrating table with the heating pad."  -Pat P.

"Chiropractic has kept me away from the surgeon's knife for many years! Enough said! Dr tony and staff are terrific in what they do to provide each patient with CARING care."  -Carole S.

"Thank you all so much!! I always feel better and taller when I leave here.  You do a great job helping my son also.  We really appreciate you all."         -Staci S.

"I was referred to Naperville Rehab Clinic by my brother, who received treatment there for back problems.  He told me I should take my son there to see if Dr. Tony and Leo could help.  I started taking my son, Shane, to Naperville Rehab in January 2011 for chronic back pain following a fractured vertebrae.  When Shane started treatment, just sitting in a chair while at school was painful but he is a lot more active these days!  Dr. Tony and Leo are working together to build Shane's physical and psychological well being on his road to recovery.  Rita has worked with us financially to find a way for us to provide Shane with all the treatment he needs to get better.  I truly cannot express my gratitude for everyone's compassion and medical expertise in helping Shane. -Sheri C.