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Healthy used to be simple. It wasn't the latest super food or the new diet craze. Healthy was fresh vegetables from grandma's garden. Kids played outside until it was dark, drank water from a hose, and at the end of the day were tired and went to sleep.

Today looks very different.  Family dinners are replaced with fast food.  Games outside are replaced with games online.  Sugary sodas have gone from a treat to the main drink and people don’t have the energy to get through their day. 

Wouldn’t you agree that we are living in a chemical world? Did you know that on average we are exposed to over 82,000 chemicals on a weekly basis? We are being bombarded by toxins which is leading to all kinds of health problems.  Unless you’re living in a bubble, these toxins are everywhere. We are breathing them in, we are putting them on our skin, they are on our lawn, in our pool and we are even eating them 

Wouldn’t you agree our food quality is decreasing? We can’t even pronounce many of the ingredients in our foods

Would you like to know how we can take control of our health and minimize the effect that the environment has on us?

Let us tell you more, if you're interested in learning more about how to shred the bad habits that are not serving you call us at (630)961-1888 and let one of our wellness coordinators educate you on how to TAKE HEALTHY BACK.